Monday, August 16, 2010

Strategic Marketing

I highly recommend this ExecEd course at MIT Sloan: Strategic Marketing for the Technical Executive.  

Duncan Simester taught it. The course looks to be a condensed form of this course: 15.810 Marketing Management

Key takeaways:
1) Making decisions by experimentation versus meetings+intuition is crucial.
2) Don't assume your role is to know the answer. Your role is really to work out how to find the answer as quickly as possible.
3) Brand is unimportant when customers can observe you are meeting their needs.
4) Brand is important when they can't search/observe and must reason with less data.
5) Don't price your products based upon cost or competition, work out your true value to the customer.

6) Your actual efficiencies might be different than you assume
7) Experiment and iterate as often as you can

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