Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Resolutions and Goals

Here are this year's technical/career goals & resolutions. Most of these are general and many encompass specific current and forward looking work projects. Others are just motivational resolutions.

Goals and Resolutions:
  • Turn in Dissertation. It's 75% complete and the rest is all typewriter work. Be done.
  • Be a better Numerati. The point of modeling is to predict... so this goal is a lifelong career goal with a new label.
  • Practice at Done and Get Things Smart and Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
  • Make damn sure that doesn't have any Fail Whale events (technical or business).
  • Read more tech (academic, business and research blogs) - Seed and water the creative juices.
  • Economy willing, hire a full-time minion.
  • See if I can practice some 'startup karma' (hat tip Todd Sawicki) for other startups.
Specific items:
Thank heavens I have all year. This is really a post that should evolve all year.. why can't some blog posts be Wiki-like and not so time ordered? I reserve the right to violate blog-etiquette laws and edit this post.


zgecko said...

What etiquette?

Thank goodness blogs have this special feature where you can even change date of the blog ( I like it since it allows me to post date blogs ;-) and edit button is there for reason.

Anyway good luck.

John said...

Regarding your goal to "cherry pick new Semantic techniques from the rat's nest of the Semantic Web," I appreciate your practical attitude. I don't always see such an attitude in semantic web enthusiasts.