Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dual Purpose trip to Germany

I was recently in Germany for two purposes. The first was for the 'Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms' conference at Dagstuhl Castle in Saarland Germany. This was a joy as I was able to focus nearly entirely on my PhD research and dissertation progress. At this point I'm in the home stretch.. I think I have two provable theorems sketched out and a set of new tractable items to explore to finish off the meat of the dissertation.

The second week in Germany was a beer tourist adventure through Bavaria and Bohemia. We hit Munich on day one and drank expensive tourist beer, then took a train to the Czech Republic to see Plzen (home of Pilsener beer) and Budweiss (Ceske Budejovice - original home of Budweiser beer). Plzen was very interesting and Budweiss was an adventure of train & bus travel. Two days later we took a train back into Germany to Bamberg. Bamberg is stunningly beautiful and is the home of a wide selection of locally crafted smoked lager beers. More on this trip in future posts.

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